Breaking news: Iguazu falls reduced to a trickle

29 07 2006

I just found an article from CNN.COM mentionning the fact that the world famous Iguazu Falls have been reduced to a trickle due to the worst drought in the last 20 years in that part of the world*. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a picture to go with this post, so let’s appreciate a great shot of this gift of mother Nature.

Cataratas de Iguazu

*It is located in extreme northeast Argentina on the border with Brazil.

Many people who went there told me that there was 2 hotels very close to the falls but only one has rooms with a direct view on the falls, The Sheraton International Iguazu (careful not all the rooms have balconies! do not forget to specify it when reserving your room).

Anyway it is amazing to see that there are so few reviews of hotels located in Iguazu National Park on, I don’t get it; Sheraton has 50 reviews and the 3 others altogether have 9 reviews. Does that mean that North American ppl don’t go to to visit the magnificent falls of Iguazu? Not sure.. anyway now you know where to go next!
It can’t finish this post without a trendy satellite view of the falls thanks to Windows Live Local.

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Judging a hotel by looking at its website

21 07 2006

It’s one thing to buy an inexpensive item online; it’s another to buy a vacation. And these days nearly 85 percent of travelers research trips online. Fortunately, pictures on a hotel Web site do tell a story. In fact, if you know how to read them, they can reveal whether or not a place is right for you.Before you book, take a critical look at the hotel Web site. What you see as you click through will tell you a great deal about what you would encounter if you visited the hotel in person.


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Should hotels give WIFI for free?

21 07 2006

Two schools of thought conflict over selling public access WiFi Internet at hotels. One side says free public WiFi is essential for hotel customers’ convenience. The other side says giving it away is giving away money. A 100-room hotel that keeps half its rooms booked and sells Internet access for a typical rate of $10 per day makes $183,000 in annual access fees.

According to, a hotel industry web site, WiFi for guests is a necessity to keep customers returning:

“Hotels have finally realized that WiFi is a must-have, something that tops the wish list of many potential guests. But the rush to quickly set-up hotel WiFi networks, coupled with the fact that wireless fidelity is still a fairly new technology, means that consistent wireless internet access, pricing, and service, is not a given across hotel brands, small hotel groups or even from the lobby to your room.”

HotelChatter also blasts the notion of hotels charging guests for WiFi, saying it “certainly gives them a bad rep.”

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