500 feedburner readers and good SEO results!

6 06 2007

500 RSS Subscribers:

500 feedburner readers

I am pretty happy to announce that Blog on travel finally passed the psychological barrier of 500 subscribers to its RSS feed today (via feedburner). It has been quite a long way to achieve this, you can see this in the graph below that shows the RSS Subscribers of this blog from the very beginning:

Blog on travel RSS subscribers

Thank you very much for all readers of this blog for adding our RSS feed to their favorite blog reader! If you aren’t subscribed yet, please do it now by clicking this RSS link or by submitting your email on the right sidebar of this blog (you will receive a confirmation link by email that you have to click).

Here is another graph that shows the RSS audience of Blog on travel; 53% of the audience comes from the great RSS reader Netvibes (which I highly recommend), then 15% of the RSS audience comes from Google Feedfetcher. Google Feedfetcher represents all users that have added Blogontravel on their Google homepage or on Google Reader!

RSS subscribers through Feedburner

Note: Feedburner has just been bought by … Google!

SEO achievements:

I am also pretty happy to see that the Search Engine Optimization work I have performed for the last 6 months helped the blog to make it to the TOP 10 results of Google.com for the keywords “travel blog”; Blog on travel is now ranking 9th on the first page of results for those words.

PS: By the way thank you Google for updating the Page Rank to 4/10.

Google Travel Blog
Forbes, Bootsnall, Travelpod and Lonelyplanet still precede Blogontravel in that ranking. I will keep you posted of major changes..

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27 responses to “500 feedburner readers and good SEO results!”

6 06 2007
Albert Barra (19:39:13) :

My friend Congratulations, it means you are doing a good work with your blog. Do you realize we depend on Google for everything ? Page Results, Traffic, Page Rank, and now they also bought your deserved 500 subscribers which include me.

Besides Google, it would mean nothing if your content was not so good as it is.

Albert Barra

6 06 2007
Sylvain (19:45:05) :

How fast you were to comment this post!

Thank you for your kind words.

That’s true, Google owns quite a few companies out there.. You forgot to mention that Google Mail is the mail platform of the domain name blogontravel.com (Google Apps)! Let’s see if Google will buy Twitter next? I believe that if they do so, I will be grateful, as their current servers are so slow!

By the way I rely on Netvibes and Firefox to read my fav RSS feeds (not belonging to Google yet!)

Finish your RSS!!

6 06 2007
Albert Barra (22:27:21) :

Give them some time Sylvain, it is just a matter of time.


7 06 2007
Sylvain (22:12:30) :

I just found a funny guide for those who are not familiar with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and those who are still wondering how to subscribe to the blog! If you already know this, you might need this video to explain it to your mother:

How to describe RSS to your mom

8 06 2007
Shaun (01:57:42) :

Congrats with the 500+ club for your feeds.

8 06 2007
Guillaume (07:43:17) :

Hi Sylvain!

Félicitations my fellow blogger friend.

I am glad you are featuring among the leading travel blogs now.

The 500 is definitely a milestone and this in just 1 year. Not bad at all. Sometimes I question these stats myself because Technorati forgets to depublicate some RSS feeds. Is that the same with you?

For th ranking thingy on Google, we are competting the same guys I believe (traditional media essentially).

You will get 1st position at some point. No worries.

All the best.


8 06 2007
Sylvain (15:55:17) :

@Guillaume: thank you for your encouraging comments!

I don’t understand what you mean by Technorati that “forgets to depublicate RSS feeds”? Can you explain it in details?

Yes, I think we are competing against the same big traditional media sites. Obviously they have an edge on us, with a lot more content published and more time (and a bigger budget!!). We make a difference by selecting what we publish (quality >< quantity), and also by creating communities/networks.

That might be the reason why a few of them opened up blogs recently…

@Shaun: Thank you! Where should I apply to belong to the 1k+ club?! ;)

11 06 2007
isaacvidal (14:20:51) :

Congrats! Any way, is normal when each post is so good!!

11 06 2007
Sylvain (15:19:21) :

Thank you Isaac; it is a pleasure to read your kind comments.

By the way I am going to add your blog to my fav spanish blog (that reminds me that I should update this blogroll more often) as I take pleasure to participate to your blog discussions.

12 06 2007
isaac vidal (10:11:19) :

Thank you Sylvain, you knou what? I have to update my blogroll as well, it´s a good chance to add youy blog to my “that i read”.
You are very wellcome in blog. i read you.

18 06 2007
365 Travel (12:10:25) :

Congrats on your 500 +

I see you now have 497, maybe some have unsubscribed just to p*** you off. :-)

18 06 2007
Sylvain (16:04:01) :

Hello 365 Travel!

I know it goes up and down; no big deal.

21 06 2007
Sheila (06:16:08) :

Congrats. I’m glad I found your post. As a relatively new blogger, I find this encouraging.

P.S. You just got a new subscriber….moi. :-)

1 07 2007
jay-jet (06:01:16) :


put the words “travel” and “blog” next to each other in your title tag and you will rank even higher

2 07 2007
Rob (02:42:40) :

LOL – right you are Jay-Jet – but I hope you know Sylvain…

still laughing…

2 07 2007
Sylvain (09:18:10) :

Jay-jet and Rob:

I am happy to see that this blog figures in the first page of results of Google.com for a “travel blog” search but it is not what this blog is really about.. It is not a travel blog!

A travel blog is a blog carried by a traveler for the purpose of documenting a journey (which is not the purpose of this blog).

That’s the reason why it is not present in the title of this blog.

17 07 2007
Dennis (01:31:26) :

Concratulations on achieving 500,..

I hope to be there someday to

22 07 2007
Rob (21:14:47) :

Sylvain – yes I hear you – and I understand.

But the point is – that he was targeting the phrase “travel blog” – from the screenshots at the top… and if that’s the case, changing the title WOULD assist in providing better results for this term. I was speaking from an SEO standpoint.

and btw I was only laughing at the way in which Jay expressed himself (bluntly)…

30 07 2007
HW (21:38:58) :

Congratulations on reaching 500!! Fantastic. The site is a fantastic resource. Keep up the great work.


12 10 2007
Colin Maddocks (14:42:19) :

Congratulations. I know how hard it is to work on SEO and see no clear results for the first 3 – 4 months so to do as well as you have in the space of time is brilliant. I’m working daily on optimising our own site. Hope I do as well as you have.

18 10 2007
yen (20:08:35) :

it is a crazy game, congrats!

for kicks and giggles, check out what one of our engineers put together to spoof the SEO process (how to optimize google for google) – click on the first link at http://www.meangene.com.

15 01 2008
Lifecruiser (05:10:05) :

Well done, congratulations! I bet you’ve put a lot of hard work into this :-)

I was dropped down from 5 to 4 in the last re-ranking, so I wonder what will happen this time since they say that it’s time to re-rank again.

Thanks for the link to the RSS video too, I’m writing an RSS post right now to soon be published and the simple video was just what I needed to add!

Oh, and now you have one more subscriber :-)

15 01 2008
Sylvain (11:46:09) :

Thank you “Lifecruiser” for your kind words! Where did you read they’ll update Google pagerank soon?

15 01 2008
Lifecruiser (15:07:46) :

With my Altzheimers Light ;-) and all the blogs I’ve visited the past day I’m sorry to say that I’ve no idea what blog it was. Some of the more popular ones.

And since it’s quite a while since they did it last time, October, it’s certainly time for it. Only last time was so discussed long after, so it feels like it were yesterday…

15 01 2008
Syl (17:54:23) :

Lifecruiser: Indeed, I checked a few sites, it seems that pagerank is moving. For the moment only some of my innersite pages PR changed, but not main site. That’s true that last update seems to be yesterday. Hopefully this time it won’t be so controversial.

17 02 2008
Squeaky (20:52:52) :

It is nice to see growth and I would like to see it break the 1,000 mark in May 2008.

27 02 2008
Ilkka Kauppinen (22:24:47) :

I am glad that you have reached some of your targets. Eventhough it’s easy to be happy about your main keyword’s ranking, it would be interesting to know how you rank with long tail keywords?

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