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Pegasus acquires Wizcom

2 05 2007

PegasusThe Dallas, Texas based Pegasus has acquired yesterday its long time competitor Wizcom (a subsidiary of Travelport). That means that Pegasus becomes the only provider of Global Distribution System (GDS) switch services on the market! A switch being an alternative to the so called direct connect to the GDSs.

Wizcom’s product range includes Global Distribution System (GDS) and GDS-related products, Internet Distribution Systems Connectivity and Data Management solutions.

GDSs use switching companies like Pegasus and WizCom to access hotel, car rental and tour inventory. Now that Pegasus is the only switch solution, we will take an in depth look at the pricing strategy that will adopt this broader offer of Pegasus Solutions.

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Accor sold to LVMH

5 03 2007

The famous french Online Travel Agency Govoyages has been sold by Accor (the world’s fourth largest hotel company) for $364 million to the investment company Financiere Agache Investissement (Groupe Arnault) and members of GoVoyages management.


Accor and GoVoyages will maintain a three-year marketing deal “to ensure the preferred distribution of Accor hotels by GoVoyages.”

Jean-Marc Espalioux

Back in Sept. 2006, Accor doubled its profit and its board of directors curiously asked its CEO Jean-Marc Espalioux to step down (see hotelmarketing’s article) after many years at the head of the group Accor (from 1997 to 2006).

Now at the head of Financière Agache Private Equity (Groupe Arnault *) Jean-Marc Espalioux has his revenge by acquiring majority stake in This acquisition came along with the announcement of very good results for Govoyages.
* Groupe Arnault owns 51% of LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), along with Christian Dior SA. Bernard Arnault is the Chairman and CEO of both companies.

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Click-to-call provider eStara acquired by ATG

20 09 2006

ARTGeStara logo I mentioned eStara in a recent post when talking about the click-to-call features of Yahoo (and Google); eStara has been acquired yesterday by ATG (NASDAQ: ARTG), a leading provider of e-commerce platforms.

Buying eStara (which provides Click to Call, Click to Chat, and Call Tracking Solutions) will enhance ATG Market-leading e-commerce offerings and will expands ATG’s OnDemand Business.

Among the numerous clients of eStara, we can name Starwood Hotels and Continental Airlines. Talking about eStara clients, I just realized yesterday that eStara provides now its click-to-call technology to the french Yellow Pages ( Here is a capture of the features on their pages:

Pages Jaune Click-to-call eStara

Art Technology Group (ATG) provides solutions to many actors of the travel industry, like American Airlines and Intercontinental Hotels. We will most likely see Intercontinental Hotels website with eStara features in the future.

See the press release on eStara website and some explanations of this stock and cash merger transaction between those 2 industry leaders, transaction is valued to approximately $48.3 million.
PS: Thank you Daniel for notifying me about this acquisition.

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