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Wifi hotspot search engine

1 08 2006

I found a great site these days indexing all the hotspots of the world (tough job!). The site currently claims to list 118,776 Wi-Fi hotspots in 128 countries. 

Hotspot search engine

 You can search WIFI connections by location, and filter the results by:

  • Hotels/Resorts 
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Cafe
  • Office buildings
  • Beaches
  • Convention centers
  • Marinas

The results show the name of the Wifi providers, the type of wifi connection (802.11b  802.11g) and free hotspot are highlighted. You can display a map with all the hotspots close to the one selected like shown below (in the example I have selected Cannes (France) hotspots:


Hotspot in Cannes


I found out that the map was too small to be efficient at locating a hotspot from a hotspot concentration; it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is no zoom available in this map provided by (Advice: Google Map Api is available for free, you can zoom all day long without any cost). Anyway this website is worth the try and can sometimes be very helpful.

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Should hotels give WIFI for free?

21 07 2006

Two schools of thought conflict over selling public access WiFi Internet at hotels. One side says free public WiFi is essential for hotel customers’ convenience. The other side says giving it away is giving away money. A 100-room hotel that keeps half its rooms booked and sells Internet access for a typical rate of $10 per day makes $183,000 in annual access fees.

According to, a hotel industry web site, WiFi for guests is a necessity to keep customers returning:

“Hotels have finally realized that WiFi is a must-have, something that tops the wish list of many potential guests. But the rush to quickly set-up hotel WiFi networks, coupled with the fact that wireless fidelity is still a fairly new technology, means that consistent wireless internet access, pricing, and service, is not a given across hotel brands, small hotel groups or even from the lobby to your room.”

HotelChatter also blasts the notion of hotels charging guests for WiFi, saying it “certainly gives them a bad rep.”

Get the full story at 4hoteliers

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