Excellent Ambient Marketing at Venice Airport

9 04 2007

Venice Airport ambient advertising Casino di Venezia Absolutely great campaign of an Italian advertising agency (Admcom) for the promotion of the “Casino Di Venezia“. They have turned a traditional and boring luggage claim belt into a giant roulette wheel at Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE):

The agency has successfully spotted a real good place for their campaign ironically named “Keep playing“. A good spot indeed, as people spend about 10 to 15 minutes (sometimes more!) staring at the belt while waiting for their luggages. This new kind of roulette will only bring one type of losers: the ones whose luggages have been lost!

According to the Venetian Casino, visits increased by 60% since the eye catching ad appeared at the airport. That seems a lot, but that’s what you get for doing an original ad, with good visibility and a good sense of humor.

Via: Estering (for amateur pictures of the roulette) | Disruption

Related information about losing baggage:

Here is a recent survey of the Association of European Airlines (AEA).

Top 10 European airlines for losing baggage in 2006 (bags/1,000 passengers):

  1. British Airways – 23
  2. TAP Air Portugal – 21
  3. Lufthansa – 18.1
  4. Air France – 16.6
  5. Alitalia -16.5
  6. KLM – 16.4
  7. Luxair – 16.4
  8. Iberia – 15.5
  9. LOT Polish Airlines – 14.8
  10. Finnair – 14.2

• Virgin Atlantic, bmi, easyjet, Ryanair not included in survey

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15 responses to “Excellent Ambient Marketing at Venice Airport”

10 04 2007
Home & Abroad Blog » Blog Archive » Baggage Roulette (17:55:37) :

[...] Excellent Ambient Marketing at Venice Airport for the full [...]

10 04 2007
John V (22:08:48) :

True. That’s an amazing ad campaign. However if I were in charge of an airport I’m not sure I will allow a casino (a place where chance is king) to be the sponsor of my baggage claim belt :)

By the way, I did a search on google and I found out that Munich airport was also selling advertising spaces on their baggage claim belt; they give 4 reasons:

- First contact with passengers after they have landed
- High exposure
- High attraction due to the waiting situation
- High acceptance due to the unusual appearance

Price is 27,000€ for a 3 months campaign. 75,000€ for a year. 10% commission for the agency.

13 04 2007
Emmie (09:24:14) :

Hey that’s a really neat belt. Do you have any info on friends traveling in groups?

13 04 2007
Ester Memoli (13:34:57) :

Thanks for mentioning :)
I live in Venice (my boyfriend took the photos) and everytime I go to the Airport I see those belts…I find them so funny! And waiting my usual TWENTY minutes is less annoying :)

13 04 2007
Syl (19:35:19) :

Hello Ester! In fact I have learned about this ad thanks to your blog that I found randomly browsing Linkedin Answers! Thank you for sharing thore pictures. By the way if you have better pictures do not hesitate to send them to me. Cheers.

14 04 2007
Sheila (02:55:37) :

That’s a great advertising idea. Maybe they should place an ad in the bottom of the security bins too!

15 04 2007
Albert Barra (12:06:17) :

I hope it has nothing to do with your chances to have your luggage lost.

16 04 2007
Ester Memoli (23:30:42) :

Hey Syl, world is sooo small :)
Ok, maybe next time I’ll go to the Marco Polo I’ll take other photos!


23 04 2007
airport blog » Blog Archive » Lost Luggage Lottery (13:31:57) :

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1 05 2007
Asmat (21:24:39) :

It looks great. Idea is very creative.

8 07 2007
tihopilik (16:20:04) :


I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


25 09 2007
some guy (16:55:28) :

They’ll be advertising on your baby next. It will come out of your uterus with a logo on its forehead. The logo will actually be a genetically-engineered rash that changes into different logos over the baby’s lifespan, so that other non-branded humans are exposed to market-appropriate ambient advertising. Great creative, neat idea, people will say…

27 12 2007
Tjiftjaf » Gouden Loekalikie 2007 (14:59:03) :

[...] is de aankomsthalvan het vliegveld vanVenetie. Casino di Venezie, had een origineel idee om de transportband eens wat op te vrolijken en plaatste een eindeloos draaiende roulettecylinder. [...]

19 01 2008
Tjiftjaf (12:58:29) :

The article on our site is about the fact that the great advertising campaign that you noticed at Venice Airport was copied by the GrandCasino of Helsinki at their airport. Since most of our visitors are Dutch or Belgian (and a few Italians because of the nice pictures of Clarence Seedorf) we only publish in our awful Dutch language. And yes, there is definetely a problem of copyright!

30 06 2008
luggage belts (23:30:22) :

[...] [...]

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