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Introduction to Flight Reviews: 7 hours stuck in a Delta Airline airplane

30 06 2007

Delta Airlines 6499We are now quite familiar with customer-written hotel reviews; we also know about the trendy use of video reviews of hotels but what about reviews of flights?!

Yesterday I stumbled upon an incredible amateur video that made it to the top #20 of the most watched video of Youtube. The statistics speak for themselves:

Views: 76,062
Comments: 468
Favorited: 175

Robert McKee took a Delta flight (n°6499) and got stuck on tarmac during 7 hours straight.

Fortunately, he had a video recording device (a lot of batteries) and enough know-how to edit and post this video to the Consumerist Blog.

The same way, I thought of blogging my last trip to Barcelona (with a connection in Rome); it was an Alitalia flight planned at 7pm from Nice. The flight was delayed, re-scheduled at 11:45pm, then delayed again to finally be cancelled around 1h20am. My flight finally got scheduled 24 hours later. It got cancelled twice! After the first cancellation, a voice quickly came out of the airport speakers saying:

Airplane on tarmac

“We will try to repair the airplane with the help of Air France’ staff; Alitalia technicians will be sending instructions by phone from Rome to the technicians located at Nice airport, so they can repair the airplane.”

Priceless! I twittered it but unfortunately I did not have any good audio or video recording devices to record this.

We all have our own stories of bad luck while traveling, but thanks to the Web 2.0 user generated content, customers are now capable of getting a worldwide audience to denounce bad (or excellent) comercial practices. Airlines too, should care about what they say to their customers and how they treat them as information is spreading fast, otherwise it will be published on hundreds of blogs (including the famous blog of Robert Scoble) …

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7 responses to “Introduction to Flight Reviews: 7 hours stuck in a Delta Airline airplane”

7 07 2007
Limassol (22:52:03) :

Omg that purely sucks! 7 HOURS ?!

30 09 2007
Robby (22:23:53) :

Dude, That was comair or one of the comuter flights. It was not Delta airlines

12 11 2007
B. LEVY (17:36:35) :

On Friday, November 9, 2007,I was with a group of people traveling from NY to Norfolk, VA for a wedding. Before leaving the house, I checked the status of Delta’s flight #6073 from JFK airport. Although Delta’s site wouldn’t allow me to print our boarding passes, the flight was listed ‘on time.’ My husband and I checked in and got our boarding passes. Five minutes later, the next couple in our group checked in and got their boarding passes for the 12:18 PM scheduled on time flight. We headed up to the Crown Room, and upon checking in at the front desk, we were informed the flight was canceled. When asked why, we were told, ‘no reason.’ Some of us were re-routed through Richmond, VA, others on different airlines and still others the folloowing day. The only other flight to Norfolk had been over sold.

Eventually, we all straggled into Norfolk, and attended the wedding. We were due to fly out of Norfolk on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 2:18 PM, on Delta’s flight #6186. We checked with Delta before leaving the hotel, and were all assured the flight was on time. We got the the airport, checked in and received our boarding passes. An hour later, the rumors started. The flight will be delayed a half hour. That’s not too bad, we’ll still get home at a reasonable hour. Then the gate agent was over heard telling another Delta employee that the crew was lost, but they were looking for them. Then the flight was canceled. Delta sent a supervisor to the gate in order to deal with the problem. She was as useful as breasts on a bull. Not only was she useless, she was nasty. How dare we the inconvenienced public expect Delta to provide an aircraft and crew to fly us to JFK airport. Who do we think we are?…..Passengers?

There was one gate agent who was truly trying to be helpful in a humerous and professional manner. Some of us made it on the later flight, others were once again rerouted.

The flying public must write to their elected officials and describe the ordeals they go through with regard to air travel. Contacting the airlines is a waste of time. Until our elected officials enact legislation which will significanctly impact an airline’s bottom line, the airlines will continue to get away with whatever they can. Their attitude is the “The Public Be Damned.”

29 12 2007
L Kenefick (19:14:11) :

I flew out of MCI … checked two bags, carried on two. I had a stop in Salt Lake City, which arrived late and had to run to my next plane that ended up being 45min delayed to Long Beach (final destination). We finally got onto the plane and arrived in Long Beach. I waited for my luggage that never came. Me and about 20 other people’s luggage was missing. We all filed a claim.

I got my luggage almost 24hours later, from this sketchy Mexican man in a beat up Honda that didn’t speak almost a lick of English. Delta hires these people, by the way. He handed me a piece of paper to sign, but before I did I checked my luggage to make sure everything was there … it wasn’t. (I never signed that paper)

My digital camera, case, extra battery, photo card, charger, DVD, socks, 30GB Video iPod, headphones, USB, gift cards and gum packs all got stolen out of my luggage. The delivery company didn’t help me at all.

I called Delta and they left me on hold for 20 minutes only to drop the phone call. I call back a second time and was on the phone for almost an hour, most of the time on hold. The lady raised her voice at me, told me it was my fault and they aren’t liable, and almost refused to send me the forms to fill out a claim.

I fly, on average, once a month and rarely fly with Delta. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a complaint with Delta and they did nothing about it. My advice: DO NOT FLY WITH DELTA!

29 07 2008
online shopping (18:36:22) :

I’m sure that, as this catches on, airlines and hotels etc. will just make it illegal to film anything without their permission. Of course, they could claim that this is necessary as terrorists may film the inside of airplanes etc. and formulate plans from what they see. I’m sure they will find a way of making it a security risk and prohibit the ability of filming on planes. If you do film and release the film in any way, you’ll have your butt sued off.

18 08 2009
Rick (01:53:39) :

Stuck in British Airways Flight 269 8-17-09 for 5.5 hrs. The last thing one wants to do is take video. Just want the get the hect off this plane.

9 01 2012
reisen buchen (13:39:39) :

Its a Great Post. i like it. but 7 hours in delta airline :( .
Thanks for sharing your experience here.

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