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Invitations to Netvibes Ginger!

4 03 2008

I have been among the lucky ones who were invited to test Netvibes ‘ new version called Netvibes Ginger Beta (the RSS feed reader).

Netvibes Ginger

I am an early adopter of Netvibes, and I think it’s the best RSS readers available; I have enjoyed a lot the new features Ginger Beta has added and apparently I am now able to share my excitement with Blog on travel’s readers before they release the new version officially:

Indeed, as a reward to my loyalty toward Netvibes, today I received this email:


  • Thank you for making the Netvibes Ginger beta program such
    a success!We are about to open Ginger to every Netvibes user and want to let
    you know so you can be one of the first to invite your friends.

Drop a nice comment on this article with your email to receive an invite for Netvibes Ginger; and please give your feedback concerning those (great) new features once you have been invited.

Netvibes searching tool

PS: Click here to to add Blog On Travel to Ginger.

PS2: Tip: Click here to add Netvibes as a default engine to the built-in Web feed reader of Firefox 2

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8 responses to “Invitations to Netvibes Ginger!”

5 03 2008
Albert Barra (13:14:08) :

I have not been using netvibes for a while, but this new version of Netvibes sounds interesting to me and could use your invitation.

Thank you for sharing new tools with us.

5 03 2008
Nathan Midgley (14:44:47) :

I started with Netvibes and migrated to Google Reader after the estimable Mr May at Travolution recommended it – and I remain a GR fanboy. Interested to see what Netvibes has to tempt me back…

5 03 2008
Sylvain (17:45:16) :

@Albert: I sent you the invitation. Enjoy!

@Nathan: It’s never too late to switch to Netvibes ! I have invited you to Netvibes Ginger, it might take 15 minutes or so to convert your old account to the new platform. If Netvibes Ginger convinces you, then you just have to log in your Google Reader account, go to “Manager Subscriptions”, click “Select All [your] Subscriptions”, and go to the “Import/Export” tab to click “Export your subscriptions as an OPML file.” Once you have exported your OPML file to your HDD, you are ready to import it to your Netvibes account!

6 03 2008
Maurits (14:24:44) :

I have been using Google Reader for a while but many of my friends have good experiences with Netvibes so I would very much like to test the new Netvibes Ginger.
regards from the low lands

6 03 2008
Sylvain (16:10:36) :

@Maurits: Hello my friend. I just sent you the invite. You won’t be disappointed by Netvibes!

17 03 2008
Tours (15:44:59) :

I’m sorry but I don’t know netvibes ginger :-/ what is it about? advantages?!

10 04 2008
engrjayze (10:33:09) :

i’m looking for igoogle replacement and i want to try netvibes..please send me the invitation code at

10 04 2008
Sylvain (13:34:04) :

@engrjayze: Hello there, there is no more need to send invitation as Netvibes Ginger has been released for all. Just create an account on netvibes.

@Tours: Aggregate all RSS feeds of your choice in one page (multiple tabs), add your emails, facebook, twitter etc. Netvibes ginger adds a lot of sharing tools to share articles with your friends.

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