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4 03 2007

Here are the instructions:

- Write a post.
- Copy/paste the link list from the post you’ve discovered the T-List into it.
- Make sure the links are active and correct.
- If your blog is on the list, remove it’s not a self-promotion post.
- Add your favorite tourism and travel blogs on it.
- Add the url of the blog where you’ve discovered the T-List as well.
- Publish the post.
- People will notice the T-List and continue it.

Here’s the list:

Les Explorers
Chrispitality Media Blog
A Luxury Travel Blog
Travel Rants
Travolution Blog
Erin Julian
My Travel Backpack
Happy Hotelier
The Travel PR Blog
The Tourism and Hospitality Diaries
Tourism Internet Marketing
Happy Hotelier
Web2.0 Travel
The Informed Traveler – Luxury Hotels
Blog de viajes
ADV Italia
El blog de Albert Barra
I have discovered the T-List on Hotelblogs and I have decided to add Blog de Viajes (a blog on travel from Argentina) ADR Italia and Tourisme et Internet (french blog) to this list because I think we should share our travel thoughts with everyone out there, whatever the language used.Spread the word!

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22 responses to “Join the T-List (Travel Tourism Bloggers List)”

5 03 2007
Mathieu - radar (20:52:51) :

Glad to read your mind! ; )

I’ve discovered your site via the T-List so I guess it worth it! : )

6 03 2007
Blog de Viajes » Blog Archive » T-List (10:39:07) :

[...]En los últimos días, ha estado circulando en varios blogs sobre viajes una recopilación de sitios, bajo el nombre de T-List. La idea: darle a conocer a tus lectores que otros sitios similares visitas habitualmente -una especie de blogroll hecho entrada, pero de manera colaborativa y entre varios blogs. Como por ahora la mayor parte de esos sitios están escritos en inglés, ha habido pocas alternativas en español mencionadas. Para mi suerte, en Blog on Travel sumaron a este blog, y en Fasten Your Seatbelts agregó a Despegar Blog -algo muy interesante, ya que el idioma principal de ese sitio es el alemán, con algunas cosas en inglés. [...]

6 03 2007
El Blog de Albert Barra (13:13:36) :

More about the T-list…

Como una iniciativa más de la ya famosa t-List o lista de Blogs sobre Turismo y Hotelería, se ha creado que parte del término Travel and Hospitality Blogs. thBlogs es una red social del sector turístico desarrollada en Pligg, es deci…

9 03 2007
Cesar from Argentina's Travel Blog (10:48:54) :

Hehehe. I also found you guys via the T-list. Great way to play off the z-list meme that’s going around the web. I’m in!

14 03 2007
Syl (12:51:56) :

Hello Cesar: It seems that the Argentinian Travel blogosphere is already big! I think I am going to have to create a dedicated list in my blogroll for you guys. Thank you for participating in English. Desde luego, no pasa nada si hablas en Español! Visitare tu blog. Un saludo.

16 03 2007
Cesar from Argentina's Travel Blog (11:07:16) :

Hola Syl, es verdad que la blogosfera Argentina a crecido bastante en el ultimo año, y especialmente la parte escrita en Ingles. Raro, no? And since our blog is written in English, I might as well commit to a language here :) So we did some work on the T-list and split it into categories, and added authors and descriptions. It’s up on our site if you’re curious to learn a little more about the sites on the list, at a glance!

16 03 2007
Leticia Estevez (19:53:08) :

Hola aquí de dejo mi mail para que te contactes conmigo

3 04 2007
Mike (22:41:05) :

I don’t have a site to continue on with this, but a new and cool travel site based on but for all things travel is Travel News 2.0. I usually get my daily fill of videos, podcasts, articles and the latest travel news.

5 04 2007
6 04 2007
:: :: : Lost and Very Rarely Found/T-List/Research (07:25:35) :

[...] After finding it the first time I saw it in a handful of other locations, but I first saw it at Blog on Travel. I added the following: in my AllStars because it’s one of the blogs I find myself checking [...]

6 04 2007
Syl (19:07:04) :

@ILya: Thank you for providing me this information. I was looking for Russian blogs about travel, hospitality. Hopefully more people will come and share their russian travel blogs. If you know any, please send me an email. Thank you.

@Leticia: Me pongo en contacto contigo hoy mismo.

@Mike: Great initiative. I was just about to write a post about this kind of travel websites. Stay tuned.

@Cesar I’m not surprised by the fact that people in Argentina also blog in English; I know you guys have a good level of english. Concerning your article about the best empanadas of Buenos Aires in the restaurant Sanjuanino: Are they better than empanadas from Salta ? :) . Anyway next time I’m in Buenos Aires, I will give it a try for sure. Thanks for sharing.

5 05 2007
kornfeind (10:27:40) :

Yes! Spread the word. I really appreciate your last statement. As a blogger I am more in technology versus travel organizations so uncultered expecially here in Italy about the benefits of the ICT. As a Business Technology consultant, used to travel around the world since 1995 in many IT and travel fairs, sometimes I am really disappointed how Italy it’s so behind many nations in using business intelligence tools but i am confident in the next 15 years ;-) ciao alex e.k.

15 10 2007
Emma Joyston-Bechal (01:41:37) :

Great site im starting a guest house in Marrakech so it will be really useful.

Thanks emma

27 11 2007
Stella (11:43:08) :

Good day everyone. Came across this blog and am interested to know if there’s any blog that particularly blogs on tourism in ASEAN countries? I would appreciate very much for the information as it will help me in my dissertation. For your info, I’m doing the topic ‘Blogs as communication Channel for Tourism Industry: A case study on ASEAN countries as prefered tourist destination.’ Cheers!

27 11 2007
Syl (12:16:12) :

@Emma Joyston-Bechal> Thank you for your support. And good luck with the guest house. I have not been able to browse your blog.

@Stella: Thanks for your visit. Are you able to read something else than English? If so, take a look at the second link in the “travel sites” section of my blogroll.

15 01 2008
Emma Joyston-Bechal (15:18:06) :

Syl my blog address is its called The Good Life in Morocco

10 05 2008
Ben Lacaille (18:15:12) :

Hi my blog describes my travels to Namibia, Oman, Jamaica, America and many more great places.

22 05 2008
prasad (17:09:28) :

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27 05 2008
Waseem (13:29:40) :

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30 05 2008
Syl (10:17:32) :

@Waseem: Thank you for commenting but unfortunately the Travel Blog list is for blogs only. If you wish to communicate your product/service or advertise, you should contact us directly by email…

@prasad: The same applies to you.

@Ben Lacaille: Hello Ben, as a travel blog, you should probably follow up and publish my T-list on you blog by adding your own selection of blogs. That’s how it works! ;)

@Emma Joyston-Bechal: Cool, I’ll pass by your blog. Create a post, spread the T-List as shown above and add your own selection of travel blogs. I have explained everything in the post.

5 06 2008
akshay (11:21:33) :

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5 06 2008
akshay (13:03:43) :

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