Small Luxury Hotel of the World needs mystery shoppers!

8 09 2006

Who never dreamt of working as a mystery shopper for a luxury hotel chain?
Good news, your dreams might come true if you follow this link reported by Usatoday’s blog “Hotel hotsheet“.

Small Luxury Hotel of the Word (SLH) needs about 200 volunteers; the perfect job applicant should be a “discerning, experienced” traveler familiar with high-class hotels”. Volunteers must pay their own transportation (it will hopefully help them to get a little bit more objective in their reports!), but get reimbursed for one or two-night stays, plus meals and drinks. They will check-in anonymously, inspect the hotel in secret and report to the hotel chain.

“As far as the hotel is concerned, this means that every hotel guest is a potential inspector,” commented Paul Kerr, Joint Managing Director of Small Luxury Hotels of the world.

Interested? Then fill out the job application right here and … enjoy your stay!

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One response to “Small Luxury Hotel of the World needs mystery shoppers!”

9 12 2006
Graham Baylis (12:50:36) :

Yes the “mystery shopper” is a great idea, and I know of a least one UK based company HotelshopUK is using this very idea, but perhaps in a different way, letting their “normal” everyday customers review the hotels that they stay in, and at the same time save money off their next hotel break.

The idea it seems was launched this Autumn has already captured the interest of many hotelshop customers, I expect they fancy themselves as a “roving reporter!”.

Customers simply advise hotelshop that they would like to become a mystery shopper and then report back after their break on the levels of service provided by both hotelshop and by the hotel, as well as on the facilities and all aspects of the break, be they good or bad…

Sounds Good to me !

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