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New spanish travel aggregator launched today!

23 07 2007

Logo MiNube.comSurprisingly the Spanish online travel market is not saturated by the emergence of aggregation and comparison engines; there is still space for newcomer(s) to enter this segment of the online travel industry. That’s what (that literally means “My Cloud” in Spanish) did today by launching this new flight/hotel aggregator “Minube”.

Comparador Mi nube referred itself as being a web 2.0 site. A simple, clean and original design with green, red and orange clouds! It uses features that made Web 2.0 sites so convenient such as the suggestion search box; as you type in a query it will display the available cities/countries/airports dynamically via some AJAX. Pretty useful when you don’t know how to spell those Spanish cities or when you don’t know the airport name of your destination.

Of course it also integrates maps from Google maps (I did not manage to see the mapping of all hotels of the first page of result on one map), and reviews (reviews are not moderated yet). The good thing is there are no reviews on the system yet, it starts from scratch. One of the problems of Tripadvisor is that they are still showing client reviews that are very old, totally outdated although the owner/management team of the hotel has changed or the hotel has been fully renovated.

Mi Nube hotels

As a traditional travel aggregator, Minube compares the prices of a lot of different travel agencies (Atrapalo, eDreams, TerminalA, MuchoViaje etc.), airlines (low cost airline such as Vueling, Clickair) or hotel portals, and shows the best price found (with no additional fees).

The page of results of a hotel search is very similar to SideStep results page, as there is a slider control to determine the “price range” that you can adjust according to your budget/needs. I did a comparison between Sidestep and Minube for the same date (last minute booking) in Barcelona and I was pretty happy of the results; specially because Minube found many more hotels with cheap rates. This is no surprise as they already work with a lot of local providers (see paragraph below).

Here is an extensive list of the hotel providers, airlines, and online travel agencies that Minube partnered with:


Minube Providers

All in all, after I spent 15 minutes playing with this new aggregator, I felt pretty impressed by this beta version of Minube. They start with a good design, a lot of partners (even though some are missing), and good web 2.0 functionalities and features (recent searches, travel fair, filters of travel agencies, event calendar). It definitely has its place among its Spanish competitors, HotelAdicto, Trabber, Tsales (any other I missed?). I believe they will be launching a version for the french market soon called according to what I read on their blog. Congratulations!

PS: I havent had time to try the “alert engine” but I already like the idea. I believe it is similar to what Orbitz does, by keeping searching for the price and dates you have requested and sending you an alert by email once it has been found! I’ll try this tomorrow but I needed first to share this with you.

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16 responses to “New spanish travel aggregator launched today!”

24 07 2007
Cheap Traveler (14:07:19) :

I also like the idea of the launching of I think it has a great and fitting place in the Spanish world of travel for those who love to travel.

25 07 2007
Pedro Jareño (18:12:32) :

Thank you very much for this great review. It’s fantastic for us to read this kind of comments about our project, specially in english (we are not yet avaliable in this language).

As far as you say, we hope that we could fill a gap in the spanish market and we are sure that this project will be still more interesting when we develope our travel network.

Also, we will launch in a few days for the french market.

We hope to see you soon at

7 08 2007
Malu (16:12:21) :

Hi, i am afraid you forgot

13 08 2007
Trusted_blogs (01:44:02) :


I really love you content and have come back here so often and got what I need.

Thanks so much.

16 08 2007
Sylvain (12:01:01) :

@Malu: You are right, thank you for bringing up this information.

29 08 2007
bruski89 (12:40:01) :

Travelling often between Spain and home (Ireland) I’m glad to see I have yet another option when it comes to looking for the best deals. The features looks great (I love the slider) and the interface is very clean. I wonder if there are plans to localise the page in English. The results page also gives you many different flight options that can be easily turned on and off, such as time of day and searches by agency.

29 08 2007
Sylvain (13:00:15) :

@Bruski89: I don’t know about an english version, but if you are more familiar with french then go to they just launched it!

29 08 2007
Debo Hobo (20:54:59) :

This is really great info. I never knew there was such an application.

17 09 2007
3nom1s (15:28:25) :

Hi guys, I like very much this idea, but the best thing is the Google maps aggregated in the system for customers…The maps represent the present and the future! Bye

9 10 2007
Steve Ballmer (18:03:20) :

Falsificado Steve Ballmer, que da casi tanto juego (o mucho mas) que Steve Jobs!

29 10 2007
Stasigr (09:14:20) :

Hello, very nice site, keep up good job!
Admin good, very good.

18 12 2007
Ximo Navarro (08:50:55) :

That site is working really well here in Spain and it is also getting a good reputation.

29 02 2008
vuelos baratos (21:29:31) :

To mention a new one. Next week will launch its new meta search more sophisticated.

17 03 2008
Tours (15:41:53) :

Is this site something like edreams or do they organise their own flights and have own planes like clickair?!

25 08 2008
Martin (21:13:44) :

Comment has been moderated.

30 11 2010
james (17:50:36) : very good site, I especially like the passenger network, which is in its own website

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