The 10 most influential people in the online travel industry

24 09 2006

The english media portal Travolution* has gathered the votes and opinions of its readers (I haven’t had time to cast my vote) to finally released a list of the 10 most influential people in the online travel industry over the past decade (tough job!).

“The final 10 is, we believe, a collection of the finest thinkers and strategists since 1996, and sometimes those just simply brave enough to try to break new ground.”

Here are 5 people selected from the list of the 10 most influential people:

  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google

If you want to know who else appear on the list and WHY they appear in that list, Travolution provides an analisys/rationale.

Pierre Chappaz (and Dominique Vidal Kelkoo) did not make it to the final ranking of the 10 most influential person but was present among the 20 most influential people; see the others on Travolution.
The next big question is: Who will remain in the list in 2016? Will Google not only influence but play a more determinant role in the travel industry in the future?

Do you agree/disagree with this ranking? Have a read at the analysis page and make a comment.
* “Travolution is a new media brand for the online travel industry, from the publishers of Gazetteers Plus & Travel Weekly. It is packed with research, news and analysis on everything to do with selling, deploying and marketing travel on the web.”

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6 responses to “The 10 most influential people in the online travel industry”

24 09 2006
Kevin May (08:55:38) :

thanks for the plug. in response to a question Lys left on our blog: “I was wondering who will still be an influtial person 10 years from now, and which company…?”

way too difficult to predict… travel companies will be forced to adapt by changes in consumer behaviour.

the next ten pioneers and innovators may well emerge come from traditional travel companies that have evolved to embrace online, but equally from the next generation of new media entrepreneurs that in fact have no connection to travel.

comments can be left at

klm, ed, travo

24 09 2006
Robert (14:25:15) :

If I am correct Google denied the rumors about their plans to enter the online travel industry with a \”google travel\” vertical website. At least they say \”Google had no immediate plans to announce a Google Travel site.\” I think it is inevitable for google to enter this market. It won\’t be the first time Google challenges its own clients (advertisers), by entering a new market. And of course this will influence our industry a lot!

24 09 2006
Syl (19:28:16) :

Kevin> Thank for your comment.

Robert> I agree with you, I really think Google will play a role in this industry. Google influences travelers by redirecting them to travel portals, it is all about (qualified?!) traffic.


Google Map technology (Ajax) and the Google Map Mashup both became a reference online as Google provides mapping API for free to travel agencies and as many companies makes good use of the -Google Suggest- feature (Ajax) for their travel websites (Bookings/Kayak/ to name a few). Not to mention Google Earth, that is not real sale driver but that has impacted the map industry a lot. By the way proposes Google Earth to its customers (on the left hand side of a page of results : -View hotels in Google Earth-.

25 09 2006
Johnny (00:54:09) :

Influential for good or bad? I mean for regular travelers. Does Barry Diller (InterActive Corp/Expedia ) knows that EXPEDIA is listed in the top ripoff link at the bad business bureau ( ) and has two \”dedicated\” websites due to poor customer support and lies? and ?

Kind regards

25 09 2006
Syl (01:12:37) :

Hello Johnny or should I call you by your real name Juan S. Yakisich. I can understand you had a bad customer experience with this company but this is totally off-topic and it does not have anything to do with the fact that many people recognized that Barry Diller has influenced the online travel industry over the last decade. Hence this post is not a good place to make the promotion of one of YOUR site.

18 11 2008
ed lester (23:31:23) :

Damn, can’t believe I didn’t make it!

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