The new Tripadvisor site is online: a retail look and feel!

18 10 2007

You can have a sneak preview at the new Tripadvisor site by browsing this beta” microsite that TA globally announced today in its newsletter.

The user-generated reviews’ giant Tripavisor (part of the Expedia, Inc. family of travel companies), decided to “create a new and easier to use” site. Kristen Nicole from Mashable previously published an article saying that people have complained about the cluttered homepage of the (curent) site.

Look at those “before-after” screenshots I took and make your own opinion:

Tripadvisor before and after screenshot

A typical WEB 2.0 launch for this new version: As it has been said by Tripadvisor: It is a beta site! “Beta” means [Tripadvisor] is still polishing a few things! This beta version was first launched on the site of TA a few days ago, and it is now for everyone to REVIEW!

I have noticed myself a few mistakes in the list of countries/cities of the Europe section, like Lisbon listed under Romania(!), Rome in Latvia (!), Venice in Luxembourg (!) etc. Travolution commenters spotted those mistakes and considered that even if “it will be sorted soon” still “it reflects poorly”.

Tim Hughes thinks the beta version of Tripadvisor looks like a retail travel site. Did Tripadvisor hide the business side of their “free review site” on purpose? It’s hard to believe, as ads were everywhere in the previous version (text ad links called sponsored links and flash ads). Does Tripadvisor think it will convert better if it has the “look and feel” of a retail website (now that they are famous for being review website)? I guess so!

Take a look at a full review of this new design written by Alex (Travel UCD).

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12 responses to “The new Tripadvisor site is online: a retail look and feel!”

19 10 2007
My Ghillie » The new Tripadvisor site is online: a retail look and feel! (01:24:15) :

[...] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerpt You can have a sneak preview at the new Tripadvisor site by browsing this “beta” microsite that TA … of the Expedia, Inc. family of travel companies), decided to “create a new and easier to use” site … looks like a retail travel site. Did Tripadvisor hide the business side of their “free review site” [...]

23 11 2007
Do TripAdvisor support understand their new retail strategy? (Musings on travel ecommerce) (19:26:59) :

[...] their product retail strategy? As has been written about widely within travel industry blogs (Blog on Travel, The Boot), the new TripAdvisor design (launched in the last few weeks) looks and feels much like [...]

25 11 2007
Nandan Jha (15:07:02) :

I always found Tripadvisor to be overwhelming. Good that they are doing something in that direction. Getting 17 Million unique visits a week is quite a high no for a travel site.

By the way, I found this site through google, you have done a good job. I would probably learn a thing or two. All the best.

Me and some of my travel friends write at . visit in your spare time.

29 11 2007
Chuck Fesperman (06:01:37) :

I’ve always liked Tripadvisor. You can get some very useful information and reviews. However, you have to be aware that some people post negative reviews just to blow off steam. You can’t please everyone!

29 11 2007
Sylvain (14:01:55) :

Hello Chuck: True.

We know this for a fact; that’s why we’ve created a poll to know what percentage of people really trust Tripadvisor’s reviews.

90 people participated to this poll so far; 50% of them said they did not trust those reviews.

In my opinion, a hotel should receive a LOT of reviews before we can trust Tripadvisor; I also carefully watch the dates of the stays as we cannot judge a hotel by reading reviews from years 2003/2004. Most of the time it’s outdated, management and employees have changed, and hotel has been renovated.

However I don’t rely on Tripadvisor to make my final decision.

A hotel in Key West, Fla., recently offered its guests a 10 percent discount for publishing a rave review on TripAdvisor… On the other hand, I know from hoteliers’ friends that they often received multiple bad reviews for the same client stay. 3 bad reviews, with different emails and names…

Tripadvisor accepts any kind of emails address from reviewers. In my opinion they should only accept emails from Internet Service Providers with the first name and family name as a username (No free email such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail); they should also ask for personal information such as the phone number; this way they could easily assess quality control of their reviews by randomly calling a small percentage of reviewers. I’ve read that requires reviewers to submit detailed personal information, including their names and phone numbers.

Read this article:

30 11 2007
TripAdvisor prueba un diseño a lo 2.0 (20:10:53) :

[...] | Blog on travel Sitio Oficial | TripAdvisor [...]

3 12 2007
Costa del Sol (15:57:23) :

I use a lot TripAdvisor. I think is a fantastic website, I can see additional information, for example, the real photographies of the travellers. Also offers very good connections to others webs. When I return from my trips, I always write a commentary about the city or the hotel that I have visited. It love Tripadvisor!

16 01 2008
Lifecruiser (00:34:55) :

Good post. Like your suggestion of getting their real ISP email addresses instead. At least that eliminate some of the fake reviews.

There sure are a lot of other information to get there though, maybe a bit overwhelming, so it’s really good if they can get it together in a user friendly way.

BTW: I wrote my post about RSS now, including the RSS video and a link to both you and commoncraft under the video :-)

15 02 2008
r2 (14:46:20) :

nice post, I think, that TripAdvisor was always a good site and probably still is and will be…

23 03 2008
TripAdvisor : nouvelle version du site au style web 2.0 | Web²-tourisme (19:53:23) :

[...] en parlent : blogontravel, tourcms, mashable. addthis_url = [...]

29 07 2008
toys (18:38:22) :

Interesting move of theirs, moving from review to retail. I am sure that they would have been much more popular if they stuck with being review focused. But, of course, they may have made less money that way. Going retail might have meant easier deals with the big guns (or, any guns of any sort). From a business point of view, there must have been a very good reason for their change of focus. Very interesting…

20 01 2009
Chuck Fesperman (11:42:51) :

I’ve always found Tripadvisor to be helpful and user friendly. There are great reviews, although you have to be careful to “weed out” the reviews from those that can never be pleased.

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