Web Reservations International to launch a “revolutionary” travel website!

1 05 2007

Web Reservations InternationalIf you passed by WRI’s stand at the last ITB in Berlin, you certainly saw it! The Dublin firm Web Reservations International (WRI) is about to launch a new online travel website that claims to “revolutionise the travel industry and pit it against internet giants such as Google.

WebReservations International is a well know actor of the online travel industry. They bought the famous Worldres in 2005 and is now at the head of the following major online brands: hostelworld.com, worldres.com, hostels.com and trav.com. Hostelworld provides the hostels product of RyanAir’s website (whereas Expedia provides the hotel product).

Web Reservations International CEO and Co-Founder, Ray Nolan, stated in January 2007 that “Google throws you the Yellow Pages and says go find it yourself“. Ray Nolan also had good things to say about the aggregators, stating: “For any one destination, there are probably only 10 places you really want to stay, but the aggregators will make you go through 20 pages of hotels”.

As far as we know the new website (whose name has not been revealed yet) will be a fusion of social networking, travel information (with a system of reviews) and online booking system. It has been rumored that investment for this project might be as high as €30million. WRI planned to launch the website on Wednesday (tomorrow), back up with a large marketing budget.

I can’t wait to see this new product; at least on the paper the new website looks quite challenging! I hope it will meet my our expectations… Stay tunned.

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10 responses to “Web Reservations International to launch a “revolutionary” travel website!”

1 05 2007
Asmat (21:20:12) :

It sounds interesting, looking forward to see it.

1 05 2007
Trackback from Albert Barra (21:33:30) :

Inminente lanzamiento del nuevo proyecto de Webreservations…

2 05 2007
Joe Buhler (02:45:10) :

I saw a demo of the new site at the Hostelworld World Conference back in January in Dublin where I was invited as a speaker. It was impressive indeed with new, useful and exciting web 2.0 features and I’m awaiting the launch with great interest.

2 05 2007
John Vargas (12:51:59) :

I read on their corporate website that they wanted to create the “Amazon” of travel websites.


2 05 2007
Claude / Les Explorers (13:01:13) :

You can see this new-old travel social networking booking engine web site at :

I see nothing realy new in this web site. Lot of buzz !!!


2 05 2007
Sylvain (13:53:41) :

Thank you Claude; indeed the new site is http://www.boo.com; I’ll check it out and will review it later. They already spread the news through hotelmarketing.com.

2 05 2007
Alex (19:57:41) :

More “evolutionary” than “revolutionary”

17 06 2007
dan (13:00:18) :


I would suggest also a travel site called Trabber. You probably will find it interesting. Here is the address http://www.trabber.com

27 06 2007
Peter (16:30:00) :

Yes, I checked out WRI’s new website called “boo.com” and while it is reasonably interesting, I agree with Claude and Alex in earlier comments on this page. It is definitely not anything outstanding. Particularly from a technological point of view.

I have regularly reviewed and assessed Travel IT developments over the past 5 years, only to find them falling well short of the associated spin.

Recently, over coffee, an acquaintance in IT, described a new Travel system he had seen in the final stages of development. The capability he described was extremely interesting, in that although it was capable of integrating the current fads in funcionality, the project director had focussed development on a number of issues overlooked by others, in the rush to develop the sexiest Web 2.0 site. He couldn’t remember if the system had a name, but understood that it would commence Beta testing late this year.
For me, probably the most interesting aspect of this new product is, that unlike every other piece of travel software in development, their appears to be a total lack of hype surrounding it.
What a refreshing change. In fact this one might actually excite when released. Let’s hope.

6 04 2008
Gary Byrne (20:47:13) :

After almost a year following seeing this post for the first time, wonder if there’s any new opinions. I would like to suggest readers see hosteltraveler.com for something really new. Echoing Peter’s words above, let’s continue to ‘hope’.

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